Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Featured Client - Prestige Electrical

At Prestige Electrical we like to prove our self with exceptionally high standards of customer service, prompt response times and first class  quality workmanship. Our attention to detail is like no other to ensure your electrical expectations are met in a timely, professional and high quality manner.”

With a family full of electricians spanning for more than 70 years Prestige Electrical have the knowledge and experience
to ensure your electrical installation is performed correctly and safely the first time with a 100% satisfaction and guarantee.

7 McIntyre Ct Mudgeeraba
QLD, 4213 Australia

0431 134 999

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Featured Client - Lee Gentle Photography

“I love the way she can capture a scene and know exactly what it’s going to look like”

img1In the mid 1980s Lee took up a position in a camera store, where she was trained to develop and print film in a mini lab acquiring a keen eye for colour and textures at the same time. Her boss, a professional photographer, encouraged her passion by mentoring her in composition, natural lighting techniques and black and white photography.
“Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious.”
After purchasing a digital camera in 2005, Lee promptly won some local awards for her photograph of her own children and a homeless woman named Sasha, and her passion for photography was re-ignited.
When she isn’t working in her professional job or behind the camera (if you could call it work), Lee keeps busy on the land, a productive banana plantation, with her husband, two young children, their two dogs, a brood of free range hens and a turtle named Lucy.
Lee is based in Bonville NSW and will travel within New South Wales and Queensland.

0409 921 505

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We're Back!

And Updated.

It’s been over 6 months since our last post, and it’s become a bit inactive here. Well, that’s changing. We’ve updated the blog to look much nicer and if you have any suggestions to make it look better please tell us. We hope to keep this pretty active from now on.

We apologise for being so quiet, we’ve been very busy and haven’t found the time to properly fix this place up. We really do enjoy any feedback we get, whether it be criticism, complimentary, anything constructive. It helps us update sites like this and also helps us be a better business and be more connected to the community.

You can expect some new posts plus two client features from
Lee Gentle Photography and Prestige Electrical (you can check out both of their websites on our portfolio) and we have some pretty interesting things coming!

Thanks for sticking around. We hope you enjoy some new posts

Monday, October 19, 2015

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Product Launch

As part of our job, we at ASIT Group continuously look at the field we are in and the products available. In the field of Search Engine Optimisation we found a few different things:

  • The products are usually way overpriced ($2500 a month is not reasonable)
  • The products require complete control over your website.
  • They ‘guarantee you’ first page on Google.

Over the last few months we have been busy developing, building and fine-tuning a brand new, break-through product that has proven techniques behind it (see our case study).

First of all, unless you pay a ridiculous amount of money, being guaranteed first page on Google is not possible. We have found that paying that amount of money is just not feasible for smaller businesses. As a smaller business we at ASIT Group know how difficult things can be and have strived to create a product that solves the main issues of getting higher up the Google index.

Our product is only $99 AUD a month and does not require any access to your website. It is purely an add-on product that works in the background to boost your Google ranking.
  • Only use white hat techniques
  • Proven results
  • Free website audit
  • Directed traffic
  • You maintain control
  • Monthly suggestions to help increase your ranking

If this sounds like a product that would suit your business or website then let us know! We would love to have you on board. You will be assigned a personal case manager who is available for discussions and strategising. Just pick your keywords and fill out the form!

Or send us an email!

Obviously, we do provide more customised, higher-end packages but these are done on a quote basis.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I have an idea, what happens next?

This is a question that has played on my mind relentlessly for many years. I see something, think I
can do it better, come up with this fantastic idea for a website, program, piece of hardware or something else and then suddenly, I stop. I never knew where to go from there. What was I supposed to do next? I have this amazing idea that will change the world and I have literally no idea where to go with it. So the first thing we'll look at is finalising the idea. Now before I start, don't get me wrong, this is by no means a definitive list of what you absolutely have to do, it's more of a basic outline with a couple of insights from all of my failed attempts. Note also, that because I make websites for a living, there is a bit of a skew to that field but I'll try and keep it as general as possible so that you can apply everything here to any idea you have.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, finalising the idea.

Once you have this idea, this wonderful, billion dollar idea you need to form it, to shape it. You have the basis for the idea. Your idea may end up only being a feature of a larger product. Or it may be the whole product with lots of smaller features added to it. You need to sit down and figure out exactly what the end product will be, what functions it will have, what it will be able to do, who it will be useful for.

After figuring it all out for yourself you should probably run it past a couple of other people. By this point you will be way to close to it to be able to see its flaws or redundancies. You should sit down (again, lots of sitting so far, this ideas thing is pretty easy hey?) with somebody else and run them through your idea. A family member is good, but a lot of the time they will say your idea is genius even if it really isn't. So try and find a friend or someone you know who is brutally honest and will tell you if your amazing idea is, in fact, not so amazing. I found this out the hard way when I released a website that I thought had an amazing new piece of functionality. I released it to the entire world and only after releasing it to the general public did I get notified (quite rudely by a stranger) that my world changer was actually pretty redundant.

Ok, So you've done a lot of sitting, and figured out exactly what your thing will do and have been reassured by various other people that it is actually a good idea. This next bit is where most people go wrong. This is usually the stage where people start designing their thing and making it look pretty. That's wrong. By all means have a think about layout and colouring and things like that, but don't actually set your heart on them. The way your idea is built could very well demand something entirely different in the way of looks. So this is where you finalise the functionality and build prototypes.

The prototype (it could be a website, or program, or an amazing new type of desk made out of carbon fibre with drawers that are completely silent) doesn't need to have all of the functionality to start with. That's the point of a prototype. To get a basic idea of the usability of your fantastic invention and figure out whether it will work. Find out what development environment you want to use (Notepad, an IDE or a workshop with big scary things like saws and hammers) and make sure that your development environment is able to deliver a professional quality product. You don't want to be releasing something that isn't up to scratch, it's not fair on your idea.

After you have your prototype there are two stages that are of vital importance. The first stage of vital importance (sounds pretty important with an awesome name like that right?) is sort of a sign off phase. You should show your prototype to a few people and get them to use it for a little while and make sure they can figure everything out. Get them to offer feedback. (Warning, you will more than likely be offended at everything they say. DO NOT get angry at them, this is good stuff and will help your idea in the end).

Once you have given your little project the all clear you should definitely start thinking about funding it. This is the second stage of vital importance. If your idea can be developed by you, costing absolutely nothing then that's awesome and you should email me and tell me your secrets. However if you aren't omnipotent then you will more than likely need a bit of cash flowing to pay for things like; your time, publishing costs, development costs, advertising, any freelancers or contractors you get to help you and any items that you have to purchase while developing (like pictures, music, wood etc). There are lots of ways to get money, you could fund it yourself, invest a bit of time and money. If you are fairly confident your idea will take off then this is easiest and best solution. You could also get an investor or two. If they are your friends and willing to offer up a bit of cash then that's great and you should email me with their numbers because I need decent friends like that. The other option is to get fully professional investors, which means you will need to prepare a brief and a presentation and get your prototype to a decent stage and attend meetings (yes, meetings, with proper clothes and manners). Yet another option is crowd funding. Make a pretty video showing how awesome your idea is and put it on kickstarter or something similar.

Right. Where are we up to? Your idea is fully fleshed out, you have a semi working prototype, you've given it the final go ahead and you have a bit of money backing you. What's next? You've made it this far, is there really more? Well, of course there is. The next bit is the good bit though. You get to see your idea come to life.

Finalising the product is equally the most fun, amazing, devastating and difficult thing to do. You will run into the tiniest of bugs that will stop development completely and you will want to give up and go cry in a corner. But don't despair! Keep going. Get all of the functionality working flawlessly then finalise the design. Make it look stunning! Make it look like something no one can possibly refuse. Use modern design techniques while keeping your own style and tradition in the back of your mind to give it that unique flair that people will love.

I'll admit it, I had some pretty fantastically bad ideas, I've thought of everything from a holographic phone to ... wait, I shouldn't tell you my ideas! Think of your own! But where do I go next? What do I do with it? Don't get me wrong, I tried my hardest with a few ideas, I sat down and made a plan and released my amazing idea to the grand reception of no one using it. So yet another issue has been added to our list of what we need to do. Release.

You could have the most amazing, perfect product ever to be conceived on your hands but if you release it to no one then it's no good is it? You should have a definite strategy in mind for release. Email blasts, social media marketing and advertising, blog posts, blog reviews, videos, flyers, postcards, business cards, the list goes on. Do your research and figure out exactly how to reach your target audience and hopefully maximise the amount of people who want and need your incredible idea.

Like I said at the start of this post, these items are by no means a final list and definitely not guaranteed to make you a billionaire. But they are a good general guideline on the steps to follow when you have an amazing idea. So get thinking!

Till next time